"This Music is the lifeblood of Chicago's most ignored Communities."

- Jabari "Naledge" Evans, Executive Director - The Brainiac Project

In response to the obstacles afflicting Chicago’s most vulnerable, The Brainiac Project provides an innovative and multi-faceted program which builds investment and opportunity in the communities and lives of Chicago’s talented but marginalized young leaders.  

At the center of The Brainiac Project is a traditional commercial recording studio. Here, artists can rent the studio by the hour or join a membership program and record.  This is a community studio for musicians by musicians. The recording studio acts as the driver in TBP’s innovative social enterprise model, serving the local community in multiple ways.

The presence of a state-of-the-art recording studio provides independent artists, producers, and engineers some of the most affordable studio time in the region. The studio is a proven and successful revenue generating business and has grown to become a highly desirable setting for musicians to write and record. The studio provides a formal setting for the talented artists who live in close proximity to the studio but until now have not enjoyed access to a studio where high quality, professional music could be produced. This access point will now open many doors to the creative residents throughout Chicago’s Southside.