Jabari Evans fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager.  Growing up in Chicago, Jabari instinctively knew that this music was integral to the socialization of young black men in America who struggle to find their identity in a world that does not value their lives. The experiences of Jabari’s youth gave him pride in his ethnic heritage and culture. He founded The Brainiac Project based off of the initial experiences of a 6-week music industry based program he produced in fall of 2012 and 2013 with music instructor and vocal coach Lonnie Norwood. The program taught students about the inner workings of the hip hop music industry and the technology that drives it.

Melding hip hop culture, poetry, business skills, and recording arts technology, Chicago’s Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy formed a partnership with Evans to empower their youth by teaching them to manage their own student-run record label as well as digitally release their projects. The Brainiac Project served as a supplemental portion of a year-round music industry curriculum and gave students experiential education by allowing them the opportunity to create an album scheduled for digital release with proceeds going towards TBP’s charitable initiatives. The impressive results of this program spawned Little Black Pearl’s arts entrepreneurship course that teaches youth about the business of creating art through the vehicles of music marketing, record distribution and brand management.

Evans quickly realized the potential power of promoting recording arts as a viable profession. Through TBP, Evans leverages his expertise to provide the foundation of a new model of community arts programming, eclipsing the transformational impact of traditional extracurricular arts activities most high schools and community programs offer.

TBP provides the opportunity for many youth and young adults to begin believing that they can achieve a college education, a legitimate music industry job and a bright future. 

Mission Statement

The Brainiac Project (TBP) creates opportunities for recording arts careers for talented youth and young adults in Chicagoland through professional studio training, business and skill workshops, civic leadership engagement, mentorship opportunities, and educational support. TBP also serves as a non-profit entertainment company that creates content to perform public service.


To be the foremost professional and affordable resource center for young adults in Chicago seeking a career in music entrepreneurship. Additionally, The Brainiac Project is committed to helping Chicago becoming a premiere music industry hub in the United States.